3 Siblings Begin Chilling Blind Audition But Moment Brother Joins In Judges Instantly Hit Buzzer

Most fans of The Voice can agree that the blind auditions are the best part. Not only are we introduced to all of the talented contestants, but the anticipation of seeing the judges spin around is entertainment in itself. Without being able to judge based on looks, they are often taken aback by what they see standing before them.

One recent blind audition completely blew the judges away, when three talented siblings took the Australia’s Got Talent stage with their unique and melodic sound. As Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” begins to play, the judges have no idea that there are three of them on stage. Swept away by a beautiful female voice, they listen intently as they take in her chilling sound. As the voice starts to harmonize, it becomes clear there is another female on stage. The judges are instantly hooked.

Suddenly, the brother joins in and the crowd going wild. The judges slam their buzzers as they spin around to discover who is standing before them. Going by the name Homegrown, these three siblings are absolutely spectacular. Their unique rendition of “Fast Car” will give you chills as they put their harmonic twist on the classic. See the incredible audition for yourself in the video below.