60-Year-Old Debuts New Dance So Contagious Judge Forced To Slam The Golden Buzzer

There are some people in the world who want to have fun and enjoy every second of the life they’re blessed with! One of those people is a man from Wolverhampton, England named Donchez Dacres. When Donchez isn’t working the day away, the 60-year-old can be found singing his heart out! Even though some people may have doubted Donchez’s skill in the past, his audition on Britain’s Got Talent is proof that he’s going to make it big — no matter how old he may be!

Donchez has spent the first six decades of his life marching to the beat of his own drum. Despite what other people may think of his big personality, eccentric flair and passion for music, Donchez feels comfortable with who he is as a person. That’s why he took the leap and auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. With his adrenaline pumping and the music blasting, Donchez sang his original tune “Wiggle and Wine” for the judges. While he knew the song was a blast, he had no idea the judges would react like this…

In seconds, judge David Walliams was on his feet and encouraging the audience to get up too! He even danced his way over to Simon and tried to get him to boogie his heart out. It was clear David loved Donchez’s audition — but what would he do about it? As the music ended, David reached over and did the unthinkable. He explained his decision to Donchez saying, “You know what? I’ve wiggled my body. I’ve wound my body. But I’ve never done the two at once. You are like a ray of golden sunshine. Thank you.” Check out what David did for Donchez and how much fun everyone had during his audition below. We can wait to see what the future has in store for this bubbly performer!