Camera Catches woman’s Spirit Leaving Her Body After Fatal Crash

A viral video has everyone in an uproar because it’s claiming to provide proof-positive that there is indeed life after death. Some are frightened by the image in the video, others are comforted by it, seeing it as a confirmation that they have an immortal soul and will one day be reunited with their departed loved ones. While the video may seem convincing, most viewers don’t have the whole story.

The video comes from a dangerous road in Thailand. It captures a tragic accident, and a person is killed. As the victim’s lifeless body lays on the floor, a transparent human shape is seen rising out of it and standing above it. Could this be the spirit of the victim emerging from the body?

The accident is brutal. A woman is riding a bike on the road and goes past an intersection. A driver turns onto the intersection without noticing the woman, and they collide. The bike and the woman go flying, and her body hits a telephone pole on the other side of the road. She lands on the ground, broken and limp.

The driver of the car stops and gets out. Police soon arrive, and in the bustle of activity, a shadowy figure of a woman is seen hovering above the dead body, watching.

Ghost caught on CCTV camera after accident,” reads the headline of the video that has gone viral. Hundreds of thousands of viewers have chimed in to say they believe it is indeed the woman’s spirit emerging from the body. Many have shared their own spooky and inspirational stories of seeing spirits leave a body after death.

Not so fast, though, say some people. They’re calling it a hoax, and say that the image of the spirit looks too much like it was added to the video.

The people who smelled a hoax have good sniffers. A link to the original airing of the video emerged. The link is to a local Thai news channel in which a station reported on the death of the woman. They include a clip of the CCTV video, and something is missing: the shadowy spirit.

It looks as though someone took that original footage and altered it to doctor in the ghostly spirit. It’s not authentic at all.

A lot of people wish there was evidence to prove that the spirit lives on when the body dies. It’s natural for people to wonder and have hope that this life is not as good as it gets. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell by any of the ‘evidence’ presented in this day and age; it’s just too easy for people to get on their home computers and make a fake video.

Is there life after death? That remains unclear. But don’t be taken in by this phony ‘evidence’ of ghosts and spirits, as it’s just an unscrupulous YouTube video maker trying to get views and cash in on other people’s hope.