Customers Ask Waitress If She Believes in God, Then Leave Her An Envelope With Instructions

Waitresses certainly deserve to be treated with more respect than what they are typically accustomed to and when people are willing to go the extra mile to show their appreciation, it makes a world of difference. The New Jersey waitress in this story is a woman by the name of Brianna and she recently received a tip that she will not soon forget.

She served a couple who happened to sit in her section during happy hour and they struck up an immediate rapport. They talked and laughed and at a certain point of the conversation, the couple asked Brianna a question that would shift the entire tenor of the exchange. When they asked her if she was someone who believes in the existence, she immediately answered the question affirmatively.

The couple did not run up a huge bill and when their bill came to a mere 20 dollars, Brianna was surprised when they handed her an envelope in addition to their payment. They let her know that they were leaving her a gift and they told her that she was not to open it until later on. She assumed that it would be some type of prayer card and she did not think much of it at first.

Once she got home and took the time to open the envelope, its contents caused her to drop to her knees. There was a prayer card inside, but in addition to the prayer card, the couple had written her a note and provided her with a check for $1,200. The note let her know that God would always have her back when times got hard and she greatly appreciated what they had done.

She is currently planning on putting the money towards continuing her education and purchasing a car. Brianna did not know what to make of the gift at first and wondered why they had chosen her. According to Brent, the general manager of the restaurant, they could have not chosen a better person. She is always willing to go the extra mile and her great work ethic has certainly not gone unnoticed.

The couple that provided the gift does not wish to be revealed and they believe that God wanted them to provide this awesome gift to a true believer. While it is not every day that you can make $1,200 just for believing in God, Brianna is certainly not an everyday person. Kudos to this couple for recognizing the good in everyone.