Dad of Three Girls Awaits Arrival of 4th Baby. Watch Moment He Pops Balloon, Completely Loses His Mind

The arrival of a new baby can cause great excitement for the whole family. Parents are excited to welcome someone new into the family and older siblings are excited to have a new playmate or little “doll” to dress up.

There are lots of preparations to be made for a new baby, as well. There are baby showers to be thrown, a nursery to set up, and a house to baby-proof.

For some families, part of the preparation starts with knowing the baby’s gender. From there, parents can plan colors, toys, books, and more around what they think would best suit their child.

ne family got creative with their gender reveal, and even involved their three older daughters. It is clear that the family had been praying for a boy for a while, but instead had been blessed with three little girls.

All dressed in white, the family stood in front of a plain wall. The oldest daughter held the string to a large, black balloon, which was filled with either pink or blue powder to be showered on them when popped.

Dad was given the honors, and when he popped the balloon his reaction was adorable. As blue powder fell to the ground, the dad jumped up and down for joy.

His daughters, noticing the excitement, followed his lead and celebrated their little brother. The man then ran immediately to his wife and embraced her tightly.

She started to cry, overwhelmed with emotion. After a long embrace, the two broke their hug and turned to their daughters.

Hugs were shared by the whole family, and the dad even picked up his daughters and swung them around in his arms. Everyone had smiles on their faces as they thought of the joy and chaos a little boy would surely bring to their home.

The video, posted on Pregnancy Corner on Facebook, is drawing a lot of attention. It has been shared 96,000 times and has 165,000 likes.

Many families who have seen the video have similar stories. Whether it was all boys or all girls before getting a baby of the opposite gender, they all agreed that every one of their children was a huge blessing.

The video was posted in late May, so as the summer goes on the family will continue to prepare for their baby boy. Congratulations to the parents, and specifically the excited father who will now have a little buddy on the guy side!