Flight Yoga” Is The Best Yoga Trend For All Your Fitness Worries!

Long sitting hours are injurious to health. Office yoga is already gaining popularity, but don’t you agree with the fact that there should exist something like “flight yoga” too? The people who have been travelling regularly in long-duration journeys on flights will certainly agree to it. For they must have undergone pains in various body parts, making their flying experience negative. The health benefits of these easy yoga asanas are sure to leave you amazed. Source: Dailymail

#1 Upward tree position!

It is also the very first step of the Surya Namaskara and the benefits are immense.

#2 B.K.S. Iyengar style yoga!

It corrects the problems in wrists and elbows. Also, it loosens up your shoulders.

#3 Upward bound hands pose!

This will relieve the rear part of your shoulders and back.

#4 Sitting sidewards on an armless chair!

This pose is good for stretching your upper body.

#5 Mountain pose!

This pose is sure to stretch your arm, chest, abdominal muscle and spine.

#6 Tadasana with your hands down behind your back!

Easy, isn’t it?

#7 Cow face pose!

It stretches your ankles, axilla, thighs, shoulders and hips.

#8 Front leg raise challenges your balancing!

It is good for leg conditioning.

#9 Twisting always helps!

It strengthens your vertebral column.

#10 Forward bend!

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