Groom Does Unthinkable To Blushing Bride After Wedding

Happy couples that are slated to be married always have visions in mind about their wedding night. After a ceremony and reception that are packed to the gills with family, friends and loved ones, it’s refreshing to know that the joyous times are just beginning. Wedding days are typically pretty long ones as far as the bride and groom are concerned, and heading home or to a hotel before taking off on a memorable honeymoon can be a welcome relief.

Of course, things don’t always work out so well. Some receptions can end up being complete flops. There can also be all sorts of unnecessary drama between wedding guests, and that can lead everyone to be pretty bummed out about things. It’s unclear if that was the case for 31-year-old John Delozier, but things would go awry when he got home with his new bride. His wedding night would come to an unceremonious end when he was placed under arrest.

As the new York Post shares, Delozier is facing charges for attacking his new bride after returning home from their nuptials. Reports indicate that the couple would get into a fight about the wedding gifts, and it appears that Delozier was incapable of having a conversation about it like a fully functioning adult without resorting to violence. So what was the fight about?

It seems that his new bride had made the mortal sin of suggesting that the couple put away some of the money they had received as gifts. How dare she! Delozier disagreed vehemently, and he accused his new bride of caring more about money than him. Whether she does or not remains unclear, but it sounds like her feelings may not be misplaced if that’s the case.

Things escalated pretty quickly between the newlyweds. Before you knew it, Delozier decided that it would be a good idea to attack his wife. This wasn’t your random pushing and shoving match either, as reports indicate that he attempted to strangle his bride. Yes, seriously. Just hours before, the couple had tied the knot. Fast forward a few hours, and the groom has his hands wrapped around the bride’s neck. A match made in heaven this is not.

Sounds like the wife was fortunate enough to get away from his clutches and call for some help. Delozier was arrested, and he’s facing charges of simple assault, strangulation and harassment. He was taken into custody at the Cambria County jail, and his bail has been set at $40,000. So far, none of the couple’s wedding money has been designated to help him get out of jail.

It’s unclear if the lovebirds will survive their first fight, but this doesn’t sound like a marriage that will grow to be very long in the tooth. In fact, it sounds like the blushing bride needs to stay as far away from this man as possible. We would assume that’s not one of the visions she had in mind when she was picturing her wedding night.

Source: New York Post
Photo: Camrbia County Jail