Homeowner Sick Of Bear Getting Into The Trash At Night, Has Genius Solution That Has Everyone Laughing

A homeowner in Salem, Virginia, knew there was a bear on the prowl in the area. Because a bear’s sense of smell is several times greater than a bloodhound’s, they can detect pet food, garbage, barbecue grills and bird feeders from quite a distance away. If it’s wintertime, natural food sources are often limited and wild animals like bears will turn to easier ways to obtain food instead of hunting. They will raid people’s garbage cans!

Bears typically are leery of humans, but prowling around at night and knocking over garbage cans while people are asleep is one way they can snatch food easily. Once they are successful, they will continue to return to the garbage cans until someone is able to put a permanent stop to the nighttime grazing. In fact, The Humane Society warns that human-bear conflict can accelerate during a stage called hyperphagia, which is the feeding frenzy that occurs in late summer and early fall when bears bulk up in preparation for hibernation. They’ll consume upwards of 20,000 calories!

The bears who lose their fear of people are called “nuisance bears,” The Human Society reports. They are typically young male bears who have separated from their mothers and are still learning how to find food. While there are bear-proof garbage cans, The Human Society recommends people bring their cans inside. But one homeowner found a new way to ward off bears and it involves a spooky and possessed-looking motion-activated clown likely left over from Halloween. This homeowner was fed up with waking up to a yard full of trash due to bears looking for food. Watch what happens when the bear triggers the clown guarding the garbage can in the video below. You just might be startled a bit, too!

Source: YouTube