Man Pops Swollen Finger And Leaves The World With Horrifying Results (Video)

This video has a gross-out factor of 15 (out of 10)! The Scottish man, according to Your Nation News, couldn’t wait any longer for his fingernail infection to heal naturally, so he took matters into his own hands! The whole tip of his finger was swollen, and he used a needle to pop the infection and get all the pus out.

If you are not already completely grossed out by the thought of that – watch the video and see it all happen! Once he pops the infected area, he squeezes and squeezes all the pus out. I can imagine his finger feels better with that pressure gone – but really? He should have gone to the doctor and had it done in a sterile environment.

Take a look at this video

Let us hope that his finger is all healed and he didn’t get another infection!