Man’s wife goes into labor, then the nurse rushes in and tells him his ‘other’ woman is too

This amazing story takes place in 2016, as Katie was preparing to deliver her daughter into the world. Corey, Katie’s sister, was also pregnant at the time with a girl of her own, but her C-section was not scheduled to take place until a later date. She and her husband remained by her sister’s side, ready to take photos and videos of their special occasion.

However, when Katie went into labor, a most unexpected event occurred: Corey started to go into labor as well. The obstetrician who was present made the decision to perform Corey’s C-section and while this process was taking place, Katie’s baby decided to make its initial appearance.

From there, both families made their frantic dash from one delivery room to the next, with Corey’s husband working the camera and trying to capture every moment of this amazing event as it was taking place.

While you might think that the nurses who worked at this hospital have seen plenty of instances like this one in the past, the nurse on call said that she had never seen two sisters in such a predicament before. She compared the experience that having twins with two separate people.

The cousins were named Indie and Ryatt and this hospital was the epicenter for the beginning of their lifelong relationship. Luckily for this brand new dynamic duo, Travis was there every step of the way, recording each and every moment of the hubbub, allowing viewers to revel in this magic occurrence without having to leave their home.

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