MEET THE HEALTHIEST FRUIT IN THE WORLD: It Strengthens Your Heart, Protects from Strokes, Lowers Blood Pressure…

Dates have a wide range of health and nutritional benefits, which is the main reason why they are considered to be the healthiest fruit on Earth. There isn’t almost any disease which cannot be treated with this amazing fruit.

An Excellent Source of Iron

Dates are an excellent source of iron, which is why anemic patients are recommended to eat as many dates as they can. Only 100 grams of dates contains about 0.90g of iron, which is about 11% of the recommended daily intake. Iron, as part of the hemoglobin within your red blood cells is basically what determines the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood. The biggest need for iron are usually with children in puberty and pregnant women.

Stops Diarrhea

Dates contain potassium, which is extremely useful in inhibiting diarrhea. And apart from this beneficial effect, dates can also help your stomach flora to renew itself quickly. With regular intake of dates, your intestines will produce “friendly” bacteria more easily.

A Cure for Constipation

Just as they can prevent diarrhea, dates can also help your organism to digest food faster and easier. If you want to use them for this purpose, you would have to take a couple of dates and soak them in clean water overnight. During the night dates will drip their juice, which is an excellent laxative that can stimulate any sluggish bowels. This is why in the US dates are pre-packaged in small bottles as prescriptions drugs for constipation.

They Regulate Your Body Weight

Due to the high level of nutrients in them, dates quickly cause a feeling of satiety and thus facilitate weight loss. If you take one date on an empty stomach, it will regulate your bowel movements and provide your body with the sugar it needs. However, even though they don’t contain any cholesterol, they still have a lot of sugar in them, which with excessive use can lead to weight gain. One kilogram of dates contains nearly 3,000 calories, which is the minimum daily calorie intake for a person who is active all day.

Dates Lower Cholesterol

Dates have the ability to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in your organism, which make them an excellent food for people with high cholesterol. High cholesterol can cause fat buildup in the arteries that lead to blood clots and other heart more serious diseases.

They Strengthen the Heart

People with a weak or ailing heart can also benefit from this amazing fruit. If you want to try them, just soak some dates during the night into water. Then, in the morning, remove the seeds from your dates and grind them in a blender along with the water in which they were marinated in during the night. When you do, take this remedy several times a day to strengthen your heart.

Dates Reduce Blood Pressure

Dates are a very suitable food for people who suffer from high blood pressure because they contain very little sodium but are instead rich in potassium. A regular portion of five or six dates contains about 80 milligrams of magnesium – an essential mineral that helps the blood vessels dilate. Researches have shown that 370 milligrams of magnesium a day is enough to reduce blood pressure.

They Protect Against Strokes

One of the key benefits of dates is their ability to help maintain a healthy nervous system, thanks to their rich potassium content. Research has shown that higher intake of potassium (400 mg) can reduce the risk of strokes by 40 percent.

They Increase Sexual Stamina

Take a handful of dates, soak them in goat milk and leave them overnight. In the morning, blend your dates with the milk, and then add some honey and cardamom and drink the mixture. This syrup can be used by both sexes, since its main effect is to strengthen the body and increase energy levels.

These are just some of the health benefits of consuming dates. There are many other diseases which can help you with, but the list is so long that it would take books to cover it all.