Men Who Gant Raped Teen Walk Free- She Takes Matters Into Her Own ?Handsa

The world can be a cruel place, and for some people it can be just too much to bear. One teen from Morocco couldn’t stand living anymore after she was gang raped. Not only did the men who raped her continue to torment her, but locals treated her like she was somehow responsible for the horrific crime against her. In order to escape the disturbing situation, she doused herself in flammable liquid and lit a match.

A teenage girl from Morocco was gang-raped by eight men who were known for their criminal behavior. They all have histories of run-ins with the law over drug trafficking charges. One of the men had previously faced charges because he was caught abusing a young boy just two months before the gang rape incident. The teen was reportedly dragged off the road by the men, who then proceeded to have their way with her.

The girl reported the rape, and the men were arrested, but they were soon released on bail. Once the men were back in the village, reportedly somewhere between Ben Geurir and Marrakech, they started getting revenge on the 17-year-old victim for speaking out. They threatened her and tried to blackmail her, telling her they were going to post videos online of the rape.

Villagers lent little to no support to the traumatized teen. Unfortunately, in this part of the world, young girls are often treated as though they’re partly responsible when men rape them. People began treating the girl as an outcast – a scarlet woman.

The teen couldn’t take it anymore, so she poured a flammable liquid all over herself and set herself on fire. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died of severe burns.

Omar Arbib, a Marrakech-based human rights association member, went public with the report, saying that ‘influential people’ had intervened on behalf of the suspects so that they could be released on bail. He reported the story to the news.

Unfortunately, this kind of situation is not completely uncommon in certain parts of the world where women are oppressed. Getting raped is only the beginning of the nightmare for some young women; even though the crime was perpetuated against them, they’re treated as if they were complicit.

One 16-year-old girl named Amina Filali helped raise awareness of the problem when she took her own life in 2012. The girl was raped by a man her family knew, and she was horrified when her father forced her to marry her rapist. The father felt his daughter had been disgraced because her virginity was taken before marriage. He felt that marrying the man who took her virginity was the only way to save her reputation, and restore the family’s good name.

The father was acting on the advice of the prosecuting attorney in her rape case.

Filali killed herself on her wedding night. Her suicide got international attention and resulted in the launching of a Facebook page called ‘We Are All Amina Filali’.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline