Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Happier, Says Science

The department of psychology at UNAM conducted a new study which revealed that men were 10 times happier with chubby women than men who were in a relationship with skinny women. And, in this article, we offer you 10 reasons why is this so.

1. You have got more to love.
More pounds to adore.

2. Sweetness everywhere
These women are sweet in looks, and they adore sweets as well.

3. Food Lovers
Which men would not love a girl that likes food? Eating with your girl is just enjoyment.

4. Better Cooks
Of course, if you want a man to love you, make him great meals.

5. Adorable Hugs
We all know that hugging chubby people is definitely a joy.

6. Fun, Fun, Fun
Chubby women are funnier. And, laughs equal happiness.

7. Curves
Women with curves are a definition of attractiveness.

8. You Know How to Make Them Happy
Whenever you need or want to buy them something, you know that chocolate would make them extremely happy.

9. They Know No Diets
They would not bother you with diets, so you would enjoy eating with them.

10. No Boring Gym
Chubby women do not force their men to be fit. Well, instead of lifting weights, you will lift boxes of chocolates.

As you can see, you simply cannot dislike chubby women. So, if you have got one, you know the joy.