Moments After Her Boyfriend Graduated From Air Force Basic Training, Her Dad Started Yelling Him. Here’s Why.

There’s nothing we love more than sharing in the big moments in people’s lives: the anniversaries, the weddings and births, engagements and pregnancy announcements, graduations and promotions, all of the special occasions and memorable “normal” days that add up to A Life.

What makes those moments even more special? There are lots of possibilities, but for us, it’s definitely when a) there’s a surprise involved; b) there’s video so we can share in it; and c) when several big, important milestones all come together in an affair that’s definitely one to remember!

The video below from Thomas Walker absolutely fulfills all of the heartwarming spots on our “Amazing Memories” bingo card, and adds an extra special star to it all: the involvement of our incredible American military.

You see, the clip starts out immediately after the May 23, 2014 graduation ceremony for Air Force Basic Military Training at the Lackland Air Force Base in Bexar County, Texas. Walker, a military veteran himself, was there to witness and celebrate the graduation of his daughter Courtney’s airman boyfriend— and to yell a little bit.

We’re not kidding about the yelling. We’re not entirely sure what positions, exactly, Mr. Walker has held in his 24-year military career, but we absolutely would not be surprised to learn that at one point his title was “Drill Sergeant.” Just check out how immediately the happy, mingling, chattering crowd snaps to attention once he yells, “Can I have your attention please?!”

And nobody obeys the request quicker than his daughter’s boyfriend, Trent Wischoff, who immediately assumes the ramrod and respectful posture you’d expect of somebody with military training. As people start to gather around and Courtney looks slightly confused, her father continues to yell, and his next words clue everybody in to what’s about to happen:

“Is it true that you love my daughter?”

Yup. You know what’s coming, don’t you? From the look on Courtney’s face as she momentarily turns to the camera, she knows immediately what’s going on, as well, although she certainly didn’t expect it. “This is not happening!” she says. Oh, but it is.

It can’t be easy to stand in a crowd with the love of your life’s father and be questioned about your intentions, especially when’re you’re so young – Wischoff is only about 21 years old, while Courtney’s even younger at about 19 – but the young airman handles it with aplomb. There’s no denying he knows his own mind and, more importantly, his heart.

He clearly knows the importance of family in these situations, too. How wonderful is it that not only did he ask Courtney’s father for his blessing, but got him involved in the big moment, too?! Thomas Walker clearly thought so, too, and had this to say about the whole experience:

This amazing young airman proposed to my daughter, Courtney immediately after his graduation ceremony for Air Force Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB on May 23rd, 2014. To say she was surprised would be an understatement. It was a fantastic moment! This was a special time for me since I also officially retired from 24 years in the armed services 3 days later on Memorial Day. What a blessed time for both families! By the way…. She said YES!

How wonderful is that? And even better, both Wischoff’s mother and Courtney herself had a more active role to play in this proposal. To see it all play out, check out Mr. Walker’s video below.

Isn’t that wonderful? What do you think of this unusual, and unusually sweet, proposal? Do you like the idea of combining proposals with other big life events like graduation, or do you think they should always be their own special thing? Have you ever witnessed anything similar? Share your stories with us and your fellow readers!