People Thought Dog Was Grieving Over A Deceased Owner. Here’s The Truth

Back in 2015, a heartbreaking photo was making the rounds on Facebook, of a German Shepherd dog who appeared to be grief-stricken over her owner’s death. The exhausted-looking dog had dug a den under a gravestone in a cemetery in Serbia and was sleeping there.

One person decided to do some digging of her own and look into the situation. What she found there was certainly not what she thought she’d find! Turns out the dog wasn’t grieving at all. In fact, her exhaustion was from an entirely different reason.

Mama dog had dug a hole under the gravestone not to be near her deceased owner, but to make a warm, safe nest for her four little puppies! The story was one of life from within a graveyard, and was certainly a surprise for Vesna Mihajloski, who took the pups and their mother into her home to care for them.

What a wonderful change for Mama, who was wearing herself out trying to provide for herself and her pups all on her own.

As Vesna and her team of animal rescuers administered food, shelter, medical attention and love, the health of the canine family began to take on the look of beloved pets rather than the strays they had been.

Mama filled out and began to look sleek and well-fed, and the puppies started growing into young, fun-loving hooligans that puppies are meant to be.

Vesna and her team weren’t the only ones looking out for the welfare of the puppies, though. It is important to remember that before they were rescued, Mama dog was doing her best to keep her babies safe and warm and fed, too. Only no one was looking out for Mama.

Now that they are in better circumstances, Mama dog is grateful for the kindness and compassion shown to her little family. She shows it in her wagging tail and thankful eyes, every time she looks at her protectors.

This is an amazing story with a happy ending. Not all such stories end happily, however. Those people who find it in their hearts to rescue animals deserve our sincerest thanks!