Pregnant Mom Utters “Are You Kidding Me” As Doctor Confirms Her Suspicion About Ultrasound

First time parents have zero to go on going into a pregnancy. Sure, they have family and friends providing guidance but the real learning comes firsthand once you’ve gone through the process all yourself. The multiple doctor visits, the foods to eat and avoid, and everything else you need to know when you’re expecting – that all comes in time through firsthand experience. For Monica Price, she was already a mom so she knew a thing or two about what to expect while expecting, that is until she got pregnant for the third time.

Already a mother of two, Monica and her husband knew all the steps and hurdles that a pregnancy entailed. At 9 weeks and 4 days they paid the doctor a visit for the first ultrasound of their latest pregnancy. Beforehand, Monica confessed something seemed different about this pregnancy compared to her first two. She urged her husband to record the ultrasound visit because she couldn’t shake off the gut feeling she had about this one being different.

As she laid on the table for the ultrasound, Monica couldn’t shake off the tenseness that she had as she held her breath, waiting for the doctor to clear her suspicions. All of a sudden the doctor realizes this ultrasound is different from her previous ones. It doesn’t take her but a few seconds to see that. Monica begins to weep once she realizes her instincts were right. The family isn’t just expecting one baby, but two! Mom cries as her husband looks on in excitement stating that they both had a feeling it would be twins. Sure enough it is and Monica can’t hide the emotion on her face. See it all for yourself in the video below. Mom’s anticipation leading up to it is oh so sweet to see once her suspicions are confirmed. This loving family got an additional blessing they didn’t see coming!