Security Camera Catches Husband’s Act In Driveway, Wife Sees Footage & Immediately Makes Copy

When one husband came into the house with a dirty shirt right after leaving for the day, his wife couldn’t believe her eyes. Tim Besecker had just walked out the door moments before to begin his commute into work. The Virginia man was dressed in slacks, a button down, leather shoes, and was holding his sport jacket. But, on this particular day, getting to his car didn’t happen as planned.

Tim comes back into the house, this time with smudges of mud on his shirt, and tells his wife what happened. She immediately tells Tim that they have to check the security camera in the front walkway. When Tim’s wife checks the cameras, she is taken aback by what she sees.

Tim’s wife is instantly amused as she watches the security footage. She sees her husband stepping onto their icy driveway, on his way to the car. But, before he makes it to the car, he slips all the way down to the street! This ice slip could be considered an acrobatic move by the way Tim balances on the driveway. His wife immediately uploads the video to Facebook for the world to see. It’s been viewed more than 53 million times, and it’s amazing that Tim reports having no bruises or injuries! What a truly incredible way to start the day! What’s even more amazing is Tim’s ability to laugh at himself while being interviewed on national television. Watch the video and see Tim’s hilarious slide down his icy driveway.

Source: YouTube