Fibromyalgia was discovered that it does not originate from the brain. The massive discovery marked the end of the mystery about this condition which affects millions of people and is usually treated with painkillers. According to doctors, this is a psychological disorder, however, scientists discovered that the pain actually comes from the blood vessels in the hands.

This may actually lead to new treatments and possible cure. The scientists focused on the skin of the hand of one patient who was lacking sensory nerve fibers. This resulted in decreased pain response. The scientists discovered a lot of nerve fibers in arteriolesvenule (AV) referrals in the skin sample, which is highly surprising for them. Before this happened, the community believed that these fibers were actually regulating the blood flow and had no role in pain. They have now discovered a connection between the nerves and fibromyalgia pain. This answers the question why lots of people suffer from fibromyalgia reported pain in the hands and why cold aggravated the symptoms.

It was believed that these nerve endings were incorporated in blood flow regulation, said Dr. Frank L Rice, a neuroscientist. The research, however, showed that they may contribute to the conscious sense of touch. This blood flow which is poorly managed can be the source of discomfort and pain in the muscles and a sense of fatigue, due to the accumulation of lactic acid and low inflammation levels in those patients who suffered from this condition. This may contribute to brain hyperactivity, in turn.

Current therapies for fibromyalgia

The current treatment for this condition did not bring relief to each patient, and they involve narcotic analgesic, anticonvulsants, and antidepressants, and tips like sleeping and regular exercising. There should be a new cure now since the cause of the condition has been discovered.

If there is something which does not fit into the doctor’s understanding, they underestimate their patients, telling them that they are crazy. The SSRIS prescription was nothing more but a lobotomy or hysterectomy, said one of the scientists from the study.

This is a highly promising study and it offers a better future for the patients who suffer from this condition.