This is How Headaches Reveal What is Wrong With Your Health (And How To Cure It Naturally)

There are different types of headaches, which are often wrongly diagnosed, and are usually treated the same.
A headache can be caused by many causes, such as fatigue and dehydration, but can often point to less common health problems.

Dr. Sakib Kureshi, the famous neurologist, explains that headaches can often be manifested by “warning signals with a red signal”, and for which you need to be informed so that you can distinguish from those of a general headache those that may be alarming.

Most common headache types are divided into four groups and all of them show something about our body. If you learn the signals, you can effectively learn how to treat your voices correctly.

A headache caused by inflammatory sinuses

In case of inflamed sinuses, a strong headache is felt. These pains are a consequence of infection and pressure that is felt in meals, eyes, and forehead, and fever may occur.
Treatment: Take as many flows as you can. Hot water inhalation can also be done to help reduce the infection and open the sinus.

Consume oranges and other foods rich in vitamin C or drink green tea with lemon because vitamin C and antioxidants will help the body fight infection.

They help to change cold-hot bets, vegetable soups and fresh ginger which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and pain-reducing properties.

Tension pain

It is the most common type of pain that is manifested by persistent pressure or pain around the head, mainly in the back and neck or shoulders.

In addition, it can also cause pain that radiates above or below the eyes. Often, such pain causes nausea or vomiting. It is believed that as a result of stress, contraction of the muscles of the neck and head occurs.

Treatment: Combine mint oil and pain to reduce pain. Add a bit of oil to your hair, causing the effect of cooling and muscle relaxation in this part of the head and neck.

Also, the fertilizer very effectively helps in reducing pain.

Cluster – concentrating on pain

A headache may appear as an old body in one eye and this is most common in women. Often this pain recurs, and it can happen cyclically or group.

It seems like a sudden pain suddenly appears on one side of the head with a short, but intense intensity, and then continues repeatedly.

So, you can experience nasal congestion, watery eyes or nose bathing. The cause is difficult to determine because it happens suddenly when some nerve pathways are activated at the base of the brain.

Treatment: Capsaicin cream is applied to the nostril (small amount) and thus will cause a kind of barrier to signals of nerve pain.


A migraine usually occurs between the ages of 25 and 55, but regardless of age, everyone can experience it. As an example, only in the United States of a migraine suffer 38 million people.

This type of a headache is much more complicated than other types of headaches because it contains many neurological symptoms. A migraine is manifested by intense, painful pain only on one side of the head.

In one-third of migraine attacks, pain appears on both sides of the head.

Pain is a combination of multiple symptoms: vomiting, dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, extreme sensitivity to light, odor, touch, sound, as well as subduction or facial recognition.

Treatment: Many patients with a migraine experienced a reaction to pain by consuming omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin B12 (riboflavin) and magnesium.

Include sufficient amounts of these vitamins and minerals in the diet, in order to prevent a migraine. In addition, according to a study in 2011, aerobic exercises can be very effective in preventing these headaches. As prevention and discontinuation of a migraine.

For this reason, regular exercise can replace pain medication.