Tiny bear cub is too weak to cross the road with his family, then this cop does something amazing to help him

A police officer encouraged motorists to “please bear with us” as he stops traffic in order to help a family of bears cross the street… But why did they keep going back?

Turns out that one of the baby bears just couldn’t manage to keep up with the sleuth of bears and the mother was too afraid to leave one of her family members behind. The baby bear was struggling to keep up and that made him too scared to cross the road so he waited at the other side. The mother, growing more concerned, kept walking back and forth over the road to try and encourage her cub to follow.

Naturally, the rest of the mother’s cubs instinctively followed her so as she went back and forth to encourage the straggler, the rest of her pack followed along.

Eventually the family of bears needed to move on, so the bear was sent to a rehabilitation facility in Lyme in order to gain strength and become stable enough to live with the other bears.

The rehab is used to help bears grow and reintegrate with their families back in the wild with aid and support from specialists from the facility.

He will soon be released into the wild to join his family. We know his mother will be so excited to see him again.