Tiny Girl Interrupts Trainer At The Gym To Ask 1 Question That Leaves Room In Laughter

Toddler twins Emma and Mila are household names thanks to the YouTube videos their mom Katie Stauffer posts on her YouTube channel. People around the world get a kick out of the girls’ online antics.

Mila stars in more of the videos than her shier twin Emma, and has such spunk and sassitude that people cannot get enough of her! The girls are the youngest of five kids residing in Arizona and big sister Kaitlin decided to take Mila to the gym one day and record her adventures.

As Mila walks into the gym, the first word she utters is “Ugh!” When Mila stands next to the treadmill, she proclaims that “I already feel sore.”

Mila doesn’t fully grasp what she’s supposed to be doing at the gym, because she proclaims it’s time to “focus on making me a beauty” while she pulls makeup out of a kit and places it on a bench. The camera cuts to Mila’s helper for the day, celebrity trainer Alexander Denk, a.k.a. Denkster, who greets the cutie pie and prepares her for her big workout.

As Mila hangs onto the treadmill and whines about how tough it is, Denkster proclaims, “You’re not even running!” She retorts, “My makeup is!”

Denkster shows Mila how to bench press and squat. She shows him her version of benching and the camera cuts to her lounging and relaxed on a park bench.

Mila is not impressed when Denkster uses the word “exercise,” because she thought he said “extra fries.” This little girl is hilarious!

When Denkster instructs her to try a burpee, she sits on the couch chugging a can of pop and burps. Sorry Mila, but that’s not quite the same LOL.

When Denkster begins beating up the dummy, Mila intervenes. What she has Denkster do next has the internet cracking up.

We bet everyone can relate to some part of Mila’s adventure at the gym comically captured in the video below.