Toddler Meets His Twin Cousins For The Very 1st Time. His Confusion Has Internet In Laughter

Sweet baby Landon has never seen twins before – and when two twin cousins are placed at his side, his confusion is just too cute! The entire family watches as he looks at one, then the other. He even takes a panicked look his mom! Landon is clearly trying to figure out why he’s seeing double. Thankfully, someone thought to record this sweet interaction and share it online for the world to see…

According to the website Twiniversity, there are a few easy ways for parents to tell their little ones apart during the early days. The first thing they suggest is keeping the hospital bracelets on their wrists as long as they can fit. This helps keep the two in order and your exhausted brain from exploding. After the bracelets become too small, the site says you should paint the pinky toes of each twin a different color. Since babies tend to suck on their big toes, the pinky is the perfect place to paint! If all else fails, the site says loved ones can use color-coded outfits and strings to keep twins in order! Unfortunately, Landon is too young to understand any of that and is just downright confused!

Landon looks baffled by the squirmy little girls on either side of him. No wonder he has his family in laughter! The look on his face is just too darn cute. Take a peek at this heartwarming interaction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. What an adorable and funny reaction seeing his confusion and trying to understand what is going on! Hopefully, it’ll get easier to tell these two apart as they get older!

Source: YouTube